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EPDM Rubber Crumb - 1 - 4mm.


Coverage: 8kgs per 1 square Meter at 10mm Deep


  • Fantastic Shock Absorbency
  • Increased Resistance
  • Uniform & Seamless
  • Increased Protection against critical fall Height
  • Minimise Injury of Risk to Children
  • Large Range of Colours available


This product can be laid loose on small projects or bound with our PU Resin Binder to produce  a more permanent surface.


Rubber Crumb should be mixed at a ratio of 20% Resin to Rubber Crumb.


Example: 25KG bag of rubber mixed with 5KG of Resin.


Surface Preparation:


The mixed Rubber and Resin compound should be laid onto a suitable base such as existing Concrete, Stone or MOT Type one (100MM Base layer advisable).


This can then be troweled out and tampered down to create a smooth finish.


Note: Trowel Lubricant should be used to make the process easier and reduce rubber sticking to the Trowel.

EPDM Purple Rubber Granules 1-4mm

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