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Evolution Rubber Products Ltd is a waste rubber recycling and granulation company that produces a range of Rubber mulch and chippings for the UK rubber products manufacturing industry. We currently produce 20mm Rubber chips for Equestrian surfaces, 2-6mm rubber crumb for playground wet pour applications and further size reduction, 25mm Rubber Garden Mulch along with a customer waste granulation service.


ERP also produces Soft fall Rubber mulch and chippings for playgrounds and playground surfacing, Rubber garden mulch for raised garden borders and easy to manage landscaping solutions.


Our rubber playground and garden mulch are available in 25kg Bags and bulk loads up to 26 tonnes.


Our 20mm Equestrian arena rubber chippings are available in 1-Tonne bags up yo 26 tonnes bagged or loose.


To offer the most reliable and hassle free waste collection service to the rubber product manufacturing industry and create a truly circular economy with zero waste .


To offer a market leading Rubber Crumb, Garden Mulch and Soft fall play mulch.


To offer a first rate Waste rubber granulation service for UK Manufacturers.


To be continually 'Evolving-Solutions' to the Waste Rubber Recycling sector.

  • Rubber Crumb

  • Rubber Playground Chippings

  • Rubber Mulch for playgrounds

  • Tyre Peelings

  • Tyre buffings

  • Rubber Granulate​

  • Nationwide collections​

  • Garden Mulch​

  • Soft Play Surfacing​

  • 20mm Equestrian Chip​

  • 6mm Rubber Crumb​

  • Waste Management​

  • Registered Waste Carrier

  • Silage Clamps

  • Truck Sidewall clamps

  • Waste rubber granulation

  • Plant Pot Toppings

  • Gym Tyre Flipping

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