1000kg Play Bark


A soft and safe mix of rubber and nylon from recycled agricultural rubber tyres!


Approx 2000 Litres.

A 1000 kg Bag will cover approximately 40 sq metres at a depth of 50mm.



Amazing Natural colour | Looks amazing when Dry &Wet!!

Ideal for Children's Soft Fall Play Areas & Landscaping Projects

The Critical Fall Height of this product is:

1.93 Metres at 50mm Deep.




Top Quality 20mm Rubber Garden Mulch / Play Bark - Made from 100% Recycled Rubber

Direct from the UK manufacturer


◦ Will not rot or blow away.

◦ Easy to install and Maintain.

◦ Long Lasting

◦ Cleaner than traditional wood bark

◦ Frost Resistant

◦ Fantastic drainage layer

◦ Suppresses weed growth

◦ High impact absorbency

◦ & Looks amazing!


Our Rubber Mulch is made from 100% Recycled Rubber from the automotive industry, Using a state of the art Processing Plant we can remove 99.9% or any Tyre wire from inside the Rubber, this makes this ECO Product Soft & Safe for you children to play on.

After installation it is advised to hose down the material, this will allow smaller rubber particles to make their way to the base layer and aid with weed suppression.

If you require any further assistance please get in touch with our Team.

Natural coloured Rubber Garden Mulch / Play Bark chippings- Mulch 1000 Kgs /Bag

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  • Legal Disclaimer

    Our Play Bark is made from 100% recycled automotive rubber, although we make every effort to ensure the rubber is wire free, We advertise this product as 99.9% wire free as there is always a small chance that the powerful magnets have not managed to remove 100% of the wire from the rubber.



    We advise that gloves are used when handling the product and users always have suitable footwear on when using the product. We have classed this product as a ‘play On’ product and not a ‘Play In’ product.