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20kg Bag of Rubber Play Chippings.


Each 20KG Bag will cover 1 SQ Metres at a depth of 50mm ( 2" )


Safe & Soft! Made from 100% Recycled Automotive Rubber.


This economical and Low Maintenance product can be laid at a depth of 50mm ( 2" ), It can be laid using a weed membrane over most base layers including, Grass or Sand.


Price includes Vat.


The Critical Fall Height of this product is:

1.93 Metres at 50mm Deep.

2.61 Meters at 100mm Deep


This product is also popular for Shop window displays and other areas where a  vibrant and long-lasting appearance is required!


  • Safe For Children
  • Safety surface
  • Developed in the UK
  • Clean to use (will not stain)
  • Long-lasting (5-10+ years)
  • Harmless to pets
  • Weather-resistant
  • Suitable for use with all play apparatus
  • Will not freeze
  • Will not melt
  • 99% Wire-Free!


Please note that Colours can vary from batch to batch, it is advised to order the full amount in one order.


Samples available on request.


Installation Guide:


  • Plan out the area where you will be installing your new Play Area.
  • Measure out the length and width in Meters to get the size of your area in square meters ( eg: 3M x 4M = 12 Square Meters) - Each 20Kg Bag will cover 1 Square Meter at 50mm Deep- So for this example, you would require 12 x 20Kg bags). If your area is circular you can use a simple area calculator on Google to work out the size in square meters using the Radius (length from centre to edge) or Diameter, Length from edge to edge.
  • Mark out your area with a string line or spray paint and dig down to the depth required - If you are applying 1 x 20Kg per square meter then dig down 50mm (2")- Think about drainage and which way the surface water will flow, Put a slight slope in the ground level to control where the water flows.
  • If you are laying on a Soil or sand base you can now begin to install the edging. A simple wooden edging can be used as long as it has been pressure treated for outdoor use. Round beams like telegraph poles work well. Remember to fix your edging in place with stakes into the ground to prevent movement.
  • Now you can apply the weed membrane, This will prevent any plants or weeds from growing in your new Play area! be sure to overlap the weed membrane to stop any gaps from being formed.
  • Now for the easy part! Simply pour out the Rubber play bark evenly across the area and rake level.
  • last Step... Shout "It's Ready" to the kids and watch them enjoy their new Play Area!


ECO Red Rubber Mulch Play Bark Chip – 20KG

SKU: ERP025-ECO20Red
£35.99 Regular Price
£24.99Sale Price
20 Kilograms

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  • Legal Disclaimer

    Our Play Bark is made from 100% recycled automotive rubber,

    We advise that gloves are used when handling the product and users always have suitable footwear on when using the product. We have classed this product as a ‘play On’ product and not a ‘Play In’ product.


  • Delivery Information

    • All orders are sent out the same day if ordered before 11am.
    • Small Parcels upto 20Kgs are sent via DHL on next-day delivery.
    • Pallet Deliveries are sent Via The Parcel Network.
    • See our Delivery page for more information.
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