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Kids Rubber Playground DIY Kit - 10 Sq Metres Coverage


Build your own Children's Safe play Area with this Do it Yourself Kit.


Black 6mm Rubber Crumb & Colourful EPDM 1-4mm top Wear Layer System.


Included in the Pack:


  • 200 KG of 6mm Rubber Crumb. (8 Bags)
  • 75 Kgs of 1-4mm EPDM Coloured 1-4mm Granules ( top 10mm Layer) (3 Bags)
  • 2 Kegs Of PU Resin Binder ( Glue )


Rubber Crumb should be mixed at a ratio of 20% Resin to Rubber Crumb.


Example: 25KG bag of rubber mixed with 5KG of Resin.


Surface Preparation:


The mixed Rubber and Resin compound should be laid onto a suitable base such as existing Concrete, Stone, or preferably MOT Type one (125MM Baselayer advisable). With good drainage!


A Geotextile weed membrane should be placed on top to prevent weed growth but allow drainage.


  • Mix the 6mm Rubber Crumb with the Resin Binder supplied at a ratio of 25kgs Rubber to 5kgs Resin in a clean cement mixer or large bucket, mix until the resin has evenly coated the rubber.
  • Pour the wet mix onto the prepared surface and smooth off with a Lubricanted (soapy Water) trowel to create an even layer and tamp down with your trowel at a depth of 40mm
  • Once dried you can now lay the 1-4mm EPDM Coloured wear layer over the SBR Shock pad using the same technique, The EPDM Coloured surface should be laid at 10mm deep.


This can also then be troweled out and tampered down to create a smooth finish.



  • Trowel Lubricant should be used to make the process easier and reduce rubber sticking to the Trowel.
  • A 50mm Deep rubber surface will give you a critical fall height of 1.5M if you have play equipment that is higher than this you will require a deeper surface. ( please contact us for guidance)
  • You must ensure there is good drainage of your base before laying to prevent flooding.
  • We do not recommend laying this surface directly onto soil or grass.
  • Do not lay in damp or cold conditions (5 degrees Celcius minimum temp)






Coloured Kids Rubber Playground DIY Kit - 10 Sq Meter

Wear Surface Colour
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