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Easy Bond - Childrens Rubber Playground DIY Kit - 5 Sq Metres Coverage @ 50mm Deep


Build your own Children's Safe play Area with this Do it Yourself Kit.


Coloured Easy Bond Rubber Mulch DIY Kit


Included in the Pack:


  • 140 KG of Easy bond Rubber Mulch. (14 Bags) - In your chosen Colour
  • 1 x Keg Of PU Resin Binder (25Kgs) ( Glue )
  • 1 x Keg Of PU Resin Binder (5Kgs) ( Glue )
  • 1 x Free Roll of Weed Membrane


Rubber Mulch should be mixed at a ratio of 20% Resin to Rubber Crumb.


Example: 10KG bag of rubber mixed with 2KG of Resin.


Surface Preparation:


The mixed Rubber and Resin compound should be laid onto a suitable base such as existing Concrete, Stone, or preferably MOT Type one (125MM Baselayer advisable). With good drainage!


A Geotextile weed membrane should be placed on top to prevent weed growth but allow drainage.


  • Mix the Easy Bond Rubber Mulch with the Resin Binder supplied at a ratio of 10kgs Rubber to 2kgs Resin in a clean cement mixer or large bucket, mix until the resin has evenly coated the rubber. ( approx 2-3 Mins)
  • Pour the wet mix onto the prepared surface and smooth off with a Lubricanted (soapy Water or Vegetable oil) trowel to create an even layer and tamp down with your trowel at a depth of 50mm


This can also then be troweled out and tampered down to create a smooth finish.



  • Trowel Lubricant should be used to make the process easier and reduce rubber sticking to the Trowel.
  • A 50mm Deep rubber surface will give you a critical fall height of 1.9M if you have play equipment that is higher than this you will require a deeper surface. ( please contact us for guidance)
  • You must ensure there is good drainage of your base before laying to prevent flooding.
  • We do not recommend laying this surface directly onto soil or grass.
  • Do not lay in damp or cold conditions (5 degrees Celcius minimum temp)
  • Allow to dry for 24 Hours - Can be used after 72 Hours






Easy Bond -Coloured Kids Rubber Playground DIY Kit - 5 Sq M

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