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SMART HORSE SHAVINGS - SMALL FLAKE - 20 x 20KG Bales on 1 pallet


Price includes Vat



All of the Smart Horse range is made from the highest quality premium soft wood. The range also comes fully dust extracted to ensure that the products are free from dust. The products are palletised and shrink-wrapped for easy storage and transportation.


Smart Horse dust-free shavings offer traditional bedding of the highest quality. Manufactured from kiln-dried softwood, which is highly absorbent. Smart Horse wood shavings are free from all chemicals and make it safe for cleaning with allergies or respiratory problems. Smart horse is available in small and large flakes Bales-


Smart Horse Wood Small Flake Shavings (1 Pallet, 20 Bales)

SKU: ERP053 - SHFL20
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