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Brighten your garden with our premium coloured stone, the perfect accessory to transform your space! Colour Quarry's top quality product offers the perfect foundation to evolve your garden projects, whether they be a decorative feature, plant toppings or just a backdrop. 


Ideal for;

  • Plant Pot Toppings
  • Alpine and Rock Gardens
  • Borders and Flower Beds
  • Gravestone Decoration



Please consider the size of the stones when being used around smaller children as they could be a choking hazard. Not recommended for use in aquatic settings. Whilst UV resistant, we recommend topping up your stones annually to keep them looking bright and fresh.

This product isn't suitable for walkways / footpaths. If laid down somewhere that is being used as a footpath the stone will wear much quicker and top ups will be required more frequently

Colour Quarry - Amethyst Purple Decorative Coloured Stone 15kg

SKU: 1155
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