Our Equestrian Sand Stabilisation Rubber & Fibre Mix is a great addition to Sand only surfaces. Once mixed with your existing Sand the Fibres will create a root structure for the sand giving the sand greater stability, The Rubber will give your Arena that extra Bounce and impact absorbancy.


  • 20m x 20m arena will require approximately 5 Bags
  • 40m x 20m arena will require approximately 10 Bags 
  • 60m x 20m arena will require approximately 15 Bags 
  • 50m x 40m arena will require approximately 25 Bags 


Please Call or Email at hello@cheshireequestriansurfaces.co.uk for more information or Bulk deals on delivery.


Please note this Product is not suitable for Children's Play areas !

Equestrian Sand Stabilisation Fibre & Rubber Mix - 500KG Bag

SKU: ERPFibreMix500
500 Kilograms

    For Orders over 4 Tonnes please call for better Delivery Rates.