GOLDEN QUARTZ 2-5mm 25KG Bag of Decorative Quartz Stone


100 Kgs of this product will cover 3 Square Meters at 20mm deep. (4 x 25kg Bags)


This product can be used loose or with our Non Uv Resin Binder to create a fixed decorative Stone surface on areas such as Patios or Drives.


If using with resin please see quides below:


Most installers will use a 75% of 2-5 mm aggregate with

25% of 1-3 mm aggregate. 5% coarse silica sand or fine ground glass can be added to the screed during mixing to help with the anti-slip properties of the finished installation. Adding these fines to the mix is preferable to broadcasting them as

it is difficult to broadcast the fines evenly. This can lead to


a variation in appearance on the surface of the screed which appears to the eye as shade differences across the surface.


It is recommended that before using unfamiliar aggregates, installers should trial the screeds by making sample slabs and leaving them outside in a sunny aspect for a few months so the final effect can be realized.


Always use the correct PPE when handling building materials and Resins.

GOLDEN QUARTZ 2-5mm 25KG Bag of Decorative Quartz Stone

SKU: ERP089-GQ2-5-25kg